Monday, August 06, 2007

Let me blog, let me mashup, let me be

Shel Israel, co-author of Naked Conversations points to the voice of the future employee with his post on 'Let me Blog." I completely agree with both Shel and Kyle who is currently doing an internship at our local NBC station (did you know that NBC11 now has chat with the 5pm news? cool stuff). Kyle is a journalism student at San Jose State University. A couple weeks back, I was at the San Jose Social Media club event and met Kyle briefly when we took a tour of the studio- he cracked me up when he said that he was hoping an earthquake or something would happen so he could see the 'action' buzz of the newsroom (i personally can live without that buzz).

Future employees (and many suffering current ones) want to be able to participate and innovate in the ways they are used to outside of the corporation. It could be blogging, tagging, video creation, mashups- whatever just let them be. Enterprises that create environments that allow for this within their confine (there has to be some based on business laws etc.) will not only get the best new future employees out there but will inspire their current ones .

I have handed out 10 copies of Naked Conversations to customers and colleagues- it is a powerful book with a great title for conversation. I have one copy left from the last batch i bought which i am saving to give to a financial services customer who is itching to blog about his business but is getting the squinty eyes from PR. I am hoping to see Shel and Robert over the next few days so they can perhaps add some personal thoughts to inspire and give him courage.

(Photo by Scott Beale from the book launch party- February 2006)


Kyle Hansen said...

Thanks for the nice comments. Of course, I do not really hope for a major earthquake or anything where people and property are going to be damaged. I just would like to be in the newsroom when there is breaking news so that I can see how the reporters handle it. What is ironic is that there was a minor earthquake in the North Bay a couple of weeks ago, but I was in Arizona at the time! I have been able to see some other breaking news situations and have learned a lot from my time at the station.

daniela barbosa said...


i hear you and had no doubt you didn't really want something like that to happen. I have spent some time over the years in newsrooms (many of my customers especially on the east coast) and love the newsrrom buzz.

thanks for the comment and BlogItUp!