Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Intranet focused Blogs roll call

The Workplace Blog by avenue a razorfish is one of the regular feeds that i read and today they pointed to a post that highlights seven global blogs that are targeted to topics about intranets including usability and IA topics that can be quite useful if you are interested in enterprise intranets.

One of the sites that was highlighted was the Intranet Blog which i have read for a while. They always post interesting case studies which provide a good overview of what companies are doing on their intranets and highlight technology challenges and opportunities like this post about alternatives to personalization that comments on RSS and mashups as new important solutions in this space.


James Robertson said...

Thanks for the link, if indirectly. :-)

Any suggestions on who else should be on the list, in the intranets category or otherwise?

Cheers, James

daniela barbosa said...

Darn blogger sometimes i don't get alerts on comments and sometimes i do- urgh!

Thanks for stopping by James. I know of some other resources- including the ones from the horses mouth- intranet managers who are passionate about their jobs and share with the community. I am heading out for vacation but will repost and highlight those brave souls when i get back!