Thursday, July 12, 2007

Blog Silos in the Enteprise

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Just got back from the Social Media Club event in San Jose- the theme was Blogging 101 and Mike McGrath did a great job at moderating the panel. Although i admit i was a bit late (but soooo happy there was still pizza when i go there!) some of the topics discussed where indeed on the 101 level but as usual i managed to get the brain going- but that left me with some questions.

One things that one of the panel members Tony Bove talked about at the end of the panel was blog software in the enterprise- giving the audience an example of a team using a blog to work on a group document. i believe he was advocating stand-alone blog platforms separate from other enterprise systems which lead me to think about Blog content and the silos that that blog content may sit in....all the way home up the 101.

Creating and managing enterprise content through enterprise content management (ECM) tools typically includes structuring, organizing, searching on, filtering, and easily modifying that content. But are enterprise content management and search tools capable of managing participatory content like blogs effectively?

But does it really make sense to have a blogging platform that is detached from the ECM system that already manages things like workflow, compliance, security, and integration into other systems?

Is it the content or the software that is the issue?

Is blog content stuck in one format- blob text post, comments and tags?

- what other structure is there in a blog post that is explicit in the blogging software data store?

Look at these two examples- is there a standalone blogging software that can achieve the level of structure that the text on the right hypothetically has?

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