Monday, June 11, 2007

Pre-packaged OPML of Bloggers of Social Media Analysis

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Nathan Gilliatt author of The Net-Savy Executive Blog, a business blog focusing on social media, online reputation management, and market intelligence for business leaders just posted a good packaged OPML of Bloggers associated with social media analysis companies. I along with a couple of my Factiva/Dow Jones colleagues managed to make the list due to one of the Dow Jones products that does media analysis. i also post often on Social Media topics.

Thanks Nathan- this is very useful for those of us that like to keep an eye on what all the media analysis companies are discussing and the OPML saves us all from multiple subscriptions and searches to find them all.

Nathan also recently published a Guide to Social Media Analysis after 5 months of gathering information on companies who monitor, measure and analyze social media for businesses worldwide. I haven't had the chance to read it myself but it includes information on over 31 vendors.

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