Sunday, April 22, 2007

When looking at new technologies we need to not forget the Environmental Impacts

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I am not here to validate a statement that Bill Maher ended with on his weekly HBO show this week that stated that cell phones could be one of the causes of Bee Colony Collapse Disorder- but i am highly disturbed by it and i do believe that we should look at every day like it is Earth Day. Supposedly, cell phone usage is among the many things affecting bees due to the electromagnetic signals we all are emitting. The story is also on Digg.

Now i am not a big fan of bees, just today i screamed like a two year old when one landed on my jacket as i waited outside of the best breakfast places in the area but i do understand the importance of bees on the food chain.

Just last week at the Web2.0 Expo- many wireless sessions and vendors were present to show off new cell phones services and as we all know many are looking at cell phones as the next big information delivery platform. For developing countries cell phones and other wireless technologies are being lauded as one of the great services that can be provided and many cell phone companies are taking advantage of these new markets.

As we look at further enabling wireless access for our information consumption habits we must however be cautious of what impact this could have on our global environment.

One of the coolest thing i saw at the Expo was Potenco a portable power generator that can help keep electronic devices charged (of course including cell phones!) - no wall sockets required. One minute of your own muscle power provides enough energy to potentially keep your devices running for up to several hours depending on the device which is pretty cool. Not sure how you get one but i certainly would love one~

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Emily said...

I can't believe that I'm family AND a regular Pacifica visitor and I still haven't been to Jo Ann's. Can we put that on the Memorial Day Vacation Schedule?

Also, I really like the media links on the resume. If my field was more tech savvy, I'd say it would be incredibly useful. (But I've already told you about our inefficiencies)