Wednesday, April 25, 2007

User Generated Shirt at the Web 2.0 Expo

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At last week's Web 2.0 Expo -in the spirit of Web 2.0- one of the attendee giveaways was a User Generated T-shirt. The shirt had a label across the front with a fill in box "Web 2.0 is______".

Mine now says that"Web 2.0 is About People" as you see in this picture. Others are tagging their t-shirts on flickr.

Ian Kennedy as usual has a great must read post about what Web 2.0 will do for his neighbor Ron. Ian left his t-shirt blank and went about his life running his local errands asking people what they thought Web 2.0 was. I was not surprised to hear that most people don't give a damn and I agree with Ian that in the "Web 2.0 nirvana, we cannot ask them to change their habits and join us in our medium - we need to meet them using tools they understand".

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Michael Wishick said...

Web 2.0 is about collaboration. It is about being able to work more effectively with friends and colleagues around the World.