Thursday, April 12, 2007

Twitterment new service monitoring and measuring microbloging content

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I was in Portland all day today and at the end of my day at the airport i got an e-mail from Jeremiah about a new Twitter base service. Twitter allows 'micro-blogging' with text-based posts, up to 140 characters long. Yeah i know you were wondering how long it would be before i posted the word 'twitter'- in this post i give you 17 derivatives of the world 'twitter' to get it out of my system.

The subject of the e-mail was Twitterment a new Twitter search service that allows you to search what people are 'twittering' and analyze what terms people are twittering about. The Twitterforum has a detailed post on the functionality that is available but besides searching and graphing on one term it allows for comparing two terms like 'vista' compared to 'leopard'.

Twitterment provides a search interface over an index of recent updates obtained periodically from the public time line API . The Twitter API only retrieves "public" data. Twits from a protected user who is not a friend (a permissioning term) with the requesting user API would not show up.

On their site, Akshay Java one of the Twitterment authors writes:
"What makes microbloging content really valuable from an analytics point of view, is the granularity at which users are starting to provide information. This is an exciting new area is Social Media analysis and there is lot more we can learn from this. Right now are working on a sentiment analysis module and a social search feature."

Just this afternoon i was meeting with a customer and i brought up the rise of Twitter as another social media output and how many companies will soon need to monitor (and then when they begin to see impact on their business -measure) these new 'microbloging' services. Twitter is not the only one out there for example Jaiku is another.

There are already over 50 applications/services that use the Twitter API to provide different types of functionality.

and yes i have a Twitter account...but no i haven't 'twittered' yet.

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