Thursday, January 18, 2007

Multi Touch Interfaces

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When i stopped in at MacWorld this month i had a chance to check out the new iPhone. One of the coolest features i saw on the iPhone was the pinch screen technology that Steve Jobs' demos in this video (i oohed as well). Via Scoble and John Nack from Adobe comes this awesome video of multi touch interfaces- wow. On Scoble's comments, someone also posted this speech by Jeff Han at TED Talks were he demos the pinch screens as well as a keyboard. His site is here. cool stuff.

Updated Jan 19th: This month, Jeff Han's new company Perceptive Pixel, will ship its first wall-sized touch screen this month, which allows several people to gather around the screen and "become collaborators.

For those of us that still love to read the newspaper, a flip through online paper that we could use our hands would probably be very interesting to use. I am sure we will see something like that soon enough and hopefully some of the newspaper readers (everyone is alway telling me how their kids don't read the paper) will still be around to enjoy it.

I am still begging for a tablet PC but if someone wants to volunteer me straight to these multi touch interfaces- sign me up i am ready.

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