Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Holidays- fake tree and all

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Portugal this year has the claim of having the tallest Christmas tree in Europe- i went to check it out during the day and in the evening when it was lit and as reported it is indeed fake but a massive tree indeed!

I found this funny transcript from CNN:

........Just in time to wish everyone a nice holiday season comes my special treat to see the tallest Christmas tree in Europe
And the tallest Christmas tree in Europe is brightening the spirits of folks in Lisbon, Portugal. City officials flipped the switch to illuminate the tree that's said to be as tall as a 23-story building. Get this, it is taller than the national Christmas tree and the Rockefeller Center tree combined, but it is artificial.

O'BRIEN: Well, fake.

WALLACE: It is fake, Soledad. So, you know, it's hard to compare the real thing.

O'BRIEN: Well, I mean, it's not hard to be really, really tall if they just plunk another story on top of it.

WALLACE: That is true.

O'BRIEN: I was going to say, wow, the tallest tree, that's going to be amazing to see how tall this tree grew in the forest in Europe somewhere.

WALLACE: The folks in Lisbon are saying it's still amazing, Soledad.

SANCHEZ: But at least it's not silver.

WALLACE: I think it has something like, though, more than two million light bulbs. So...

O'BRIEN: Oh, man. It's fake. It's not a feat to be tall if you're fake.

WALLACE: Jacqui, help us.

O'BRIEN: Anyway...

WALLACE: The poor folks in Lisbon, Portugal, are hoping to get a lot of attention for their tree, but it is fake. We must -- we must reveal that to our viewers.

JACQUI JERAS, CNN METEOROLOGIST: Yes. It's pretty, though. I thought it looked pretty nice.

WALLACE: It sure is.
It is pretty nice- see for yourself as the tree goes through a light cycle and Happy Holidays to everyone!

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