Wednesday, November 01, 2006

News content delivered to many places and in many different media formats- Brightcove now another way to deliver on demand news

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I had seen the video clips on MarketWatch's Bambi Francisco's blog but did not know that the team has been producing so much web video content. According to this article on announcing that Brightcove is developing Media Players For Publishers and that Dow Jones is launching an ongoing video channel - They currently produce 50+ pieces a week and have already delivered 500,000+ video streams.

From the article
: "As part of the deal, DJ and Brightcove will work together to develop next-generation video and multimedia players for publishers’ offerings with a focus on the usuuser experienceence, new ad opps, video visibility and better site integration. The beta players will be hosted at -- ClickZ has more details. "

I was recently having a conversation about news media delivery- print, RSS, Podcasts, online video etc. and i said that at one point the media message will be distributed in multiple formats with the same message in order to deliver what the user wants in the format they want to consume it.
The experience however doesn't have to be one across the board- as a media consumer, i can start with my e-mail alerts on my mobile device, then head to the print version of the paper, or perhaps a podcast from a media provider that i downloaded before leaving the house, at the office the television can be on in the background with news channels and my rss feeds can deliver additional news, i can log on to online news video sites, i can use aggregators to push specific topics to me as alerts, or use social memes to see what others are talking about. I have a lot of different options and many of them are interconnected/linked so i can jump from one to another depending on my hunger for that specific content.

Very happy to hear that as part of Dow Jones "What we're trying to do is deliver our content in as many places, and as many different media and technologies as our users are looking for it," per Dow Jones' Online President Gordon McLeod quote on the Brightcove annoucement.

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