Thursday, November 02, 2006

Enterprise content distribution following social paths

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This is interesting because it is an example of how the distribution of information produced in the enterprise is changing. I am the case study for it myself so perhaps that is why i find it even more interesting!

So one of the things i have setup and check everyday is a Google and Technorati blog alert for 'factiva'. I have to admit that i have found some interesting posts and i have commenting on posts based on alerts i have be pushed. While reviewing my Google alert today, a blog post by one of my Factiva colleagues popped up that illustrates how collateral- in this case externally facing- can be distributed to internal people through a social media tool.

Matthias Hoffmann is a Marketing Manager in our Germany office and he has a german language blog called " the power of news". I do not speak German and i have never had the pleasure to meet Matthias. i can read enough to understand the post about a new report that Director of Global Public Relations, Diane Thieke has published titled "Tips For Using Web-based Communications and Measurement Tools". It is worth a look.

i had not seen this report yet - so i looked at the URL domain that it was coming from ( took a look there to see if there was a summary but i couldn't find it. So then i looked internally on our portal (search by title and browsed the marketing site)- still couldn't find it.

So Matthias has pointed me to a very useful piece of collateral around communications and measurement tools- that i might or might not have found. I know that other coworkers read my blog which means that they will probably read it as well.

Will this type of distribution be more effective then the traditional portal postings? Certainly gets my attention faster!

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