Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Arrington's Wall Street Journal B1 Debut and i got the plate to prove it

Factiva as you know is a subsidiary of Dow Jones- of Wall Street Journal fame. I called in a favor a couple weeks back and i received it at the office today. Just in time for holiday gift giving time- how nice.

Check out the video to see what is is all about.

Michael- let me know how i can get it to you. daniela[dot]barbosa{@}


Anonymous said...

Hey Daniela,
Stowe knows Arrington. I am sure he would be happy to help.

daniela barbosa said...

Michael already contacted me- but while you are here can you send me your contact details- i lost your card and want to continue the identity/trust conversation we were having.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful present!
I'm sure Mike will really appreciate it.
And such a great gesture, Daniela -- it brightened my day.

Frank said...
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Frank Gruber said...

Nicely done!

Anonymous said...
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