Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Meetups, Web 2.0 lunches, Stirr events and more

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Over the last few months i have been getting myself out there to network- or at minimum to meet new folks in the local area that have similar interests. I have been going to a lot of local gatherings mostly surrounding new technologies and a lot of events that allow startups to demo and/or give a short presentation on what they are trying to do.

At these events, most of the demos are consumer or enterprise application entrepreneurs- all of which i find interesting of course but during the last two i got to find out more about the action in the non-profit space.

Last week i saw a demo of CivicEvolution which provides online tools and resources to help groups achieve their goals through deliberation and collaboration. Check out their site- this seems to be a great tool for organizing locally and beyond.

Tonight at the STIRR event i met Dave Shefferman, Executive Director of One Brick- they have been at it since 2001 and the concept is a great one. It was the first site i visited when i got home- Dave wasn't demoing at the event but he was quick to give me just enough of an elevator pitch to have me go check it out. They are all about creating a flexible volunteer environment. Good stuff and they might have a local chapter you can keep your eye on.

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EBurke said...

Hmmm..... you call it networking, I call it troublemaking. I know you better than most of the people who read your blog. ;)

Hope you're well. Drop me a line sometime