Sunday, July 30, 2006

consulting under a corporate name that sells a product

i have worked with the Factiva for almost 8 years, about half of them in the Consulting Services group. Over the last 18 months we have been consulting more and more with clients with little or no implication of contractual services around the content Factiva sells as our practice grows by more than 50%. For example we may help them build or manage a corporate or e-commerce website taxonomy, assist them with building a RSS corporate stratedgy, help them build a market research portal, or an information delivery mobile stratedgy- with little touch on the content they get or could get from Factiva.

So in case you don't know, Factiva's main business model is a content aggregator of premium sources. Simply put, Factiva collects over 10,000 sources in multiple languages, normalizes them adds a taxonomy and provides various destination
products as well as XML feeds and Web services. We have some great products- but guess what-- i get paid zero, nilch, nada on content on any of those solutions and when clients ask i certainly tell them that. Our model is a bit different that traditional professional services groups attached to companies like software vendors, our gigs our not dependent on implementing a Factiva product- which i love but with that comes struggles in getting customers to see us as separate.

There has been a parody on Web 2.0 logos going on in the blogworld that people are uploading to flicker with the tag yay2dot0logoparody. I am not a visual graphic artists so i am doing my best to use that idea to conceptualize the conversation a colleague of mind and I recently had after debriefing from a meeting with a company last week that kept going back to Factiva content- honestly the back to content conversation was driven both by the account
executive (who surprise, suprise also gets paid on content) and the customer....

using the logos of some of the biggie consulting firms and having a little fun with the Web 2.0 style logos...i present to you my suggestions for renaming Factiva Consulting Services....leave comments as to which is your favorite!


Brent-Stig said...

The third works best considering the Green circle is being utilized as the "I" similar to the traditional logo. But - obviously not all logos will have an "I" - so it's really finding a way to incorporate the circle into individual logo environments.

tsmedia said...

absolutely hilarious,

Elaine said...

i like the third one