Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Practical advice in section 321

Last night trying to become part of the collective history, a couple of my work colleagues and i took some customers out for some baseball- not just any baseball game but a potential long-term memory one with the San Francisco Giants. Unfortunately we were robbed by Juan Pierre of the Cubs.

I did however get chance to have some great conversations with Jeremiah Owyang who i have linked to on various occasions and also meet two fellow bloggers Mark Wiens, and Julio Garcia. Jeremiah and i have a lot in common and i have been ingesting his blog on a daily basis for months. We have both become outspoken evangelists internally at our respective companies about the affects of blogging in the enterprise- Jeremiah has also become an evangelist outside and uses his blog to very effectually discuss and create conversations about how web tools enable companies to delight customers. I will go so far as to say that he perhaps is himself creating some 'history' that could be referenced in the marketplace soon enough .

On a daily basis i can potentially touch 5-10 customers with various mediums (phone, e-mail, IM and i even mail handwritten notes!)- my blog has just become another one- one that empowers my customers to choose if they want to listen and participate. He gave me some good practical advice that came by the way of Robert Scoble around 'Corporate Membranes' which he promptly posted this morning on his blog....because the conversation is to be shared --and that is what it is all about!

thanks guys let's do it again soon! and on a reference of the picture i have included- that guy on the surf board was in McCovey Cove being pulled by two other sufers- i saw him come around from Mariposa launch area and he did not once look like he was going to fall off- for a while i thought it was a doll but as he got close he waved- if you have ever tried to get on a board this guy has amazing balance.

ok i have some membranes to go push.....


daniela barbosa said...

Just uploaded the Barry bonds video i took:

Julio said...

Yes! We should do it again.... Maybe we should have Jeremiah score us some Sharks Playoff tickets.

daniela barbosa said...

Ha just came back to this post to reference it with a new post and read

" I will go so far as to say that he (Jeremiah Owyang) perhaps is himself creating some 'history' that could be referenced in the marketplace soon enough"

well what a hoot- didn't that happen!