Thursday, April 27, 2006

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Returned from a business trip to Boise around 5pm in San Jose today and zipped up highway 280 on a typical gorgeous bay area day that we all have been missing oh so home in time to slip into some walking gear and head down to the beach (which i had just seen pass by during the decent down the coast from the plane which looked very much like the google map of my neighborhood) for what looked to be a very promising sunset.

Finally got to catch up on my podcasts which i enjoyed quite a bit and therefore am recommending a walk to the beach or the mountain or to the park and a listen-

  • Two podcasts from Jeremiah Owyang. 1. that is an update on a white paper that he and Dennis McDonald wrote on how business and IT need to work together to manage Web 2.0 tools. They start off vocalizing what i have been feeling lately- since Jan 06 there has been tremendous output in the Web 2.0 space most of the time too much to keep up with! Of particular interest are their comments about Web 2.0 applications in the enterprise. 2. A Discussion with James Gross of Feedster. Great insight on RSS and the best part is when they mention helping someone setup a RSS feed and the user getting the XML broswer page and thinking that they had 'broken something'. Yep have heard that reaction myself from first time RSS users- so subscription usability is something that will need to be addressed. When discussing Ads in RSS feeds, I also liked Robyn Tippins comments about early adopters (tech geeks) not clicking on Ads from web sites- with an example that she had a friend that runs a 'mommy' site who does very well with her Ad revenue-because her visitors are not the tech geeks who tend not to click on Ads-although it might benefit the site owner. Always think about who clicks on these-but never do myself.
  • Listened to the latest 'The SalesRoundup" podcast about proposals. I like these guys and often get some great tips from them. Although i do need to ping these guys- they need a section on their web site were people can leave comments etc (they still request phone calls and e-mail to communicate with them). Two episodes ago they did a podcast on communicating in 2006-and how things have chanced- yet made no mention of blogs as a method of listening and communicating with clients.
  • Business Week does a great job of presenting podcasts on a whole bunch of topics. Although i subscribe to a couple feeds-i especially enjoy the 'Behind the front cover' podcasts. During each podcast the author(s) and editors of the front page article are interviewed and discuss how they went about writing the article. Browse through the list available i am sure you will find something of interest. Today i listened to 'Blue Chip Views'

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