Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Google Mashup in New York Times online

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The New York Times has provided a travel column that presents a 36hr weekend long itinerary for different cities every week for a while. Now they have now created a Google Mashup which i think is a pretty cool way to interact with this type of content. Since it is nytimes.com-users do need a login to view the full text. (I found the posting on Steve Rubel's Micopersuasion blog by the way)

As i have blogged before i have delivered graphical newstand applications which allows users to click on countries in a global map and then be presented with a 'virtual' newsstand- with 14 days of cover to cover articles from all global top publications browserable by section. (see screen to the left and click to enlarge) Adoption has been good and overall it has certainly increased the usage of the portal/intranets that similar solutions have been implemented in. In addition to these custom newsstand solutions, we have some other offerings that display news hot spots using global map images. I am dying to have some time/or find a customer that is interested in playing around with some of the map APIs out there to see how we can deliver Factiva content to enterprise users.

i have a couple of ideas-do you have others? post them in the comments section!

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