Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Creating Social Capital and "Glocalization"

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I have been keeping myself busy working on my groups 2006 goals- things are looking good but it sure has kept me busy!

Finally digging out so have found some interesting things in my news alerts and RSS feeds. Of interest this evening is the just release report by The Pew Internet and American Life Project on "The Strength of Internet Ties," (PDF).

The report focuses on personal use mostly, but like i have said before i think what we do at home or in the commercial world affects and forms the communications mediums we use in the workplace. As young workers come into the workplace they are even more inclined to 'subscribe' to these socialization/communication trends.

Some interesting points:

-The number of Americans relying on the internet for major life decisions has increased by one-third since 2002. Things like buying houses and cars, changing jobs etc.--Obviously this crosses over to the enterprise where many business decisions are being made with internet information.

-The internet plays socially beneficial roles in a world moving towards networked individualism.” Email allows people to get help from social networks and the web lets them gather information and find support and information as they face important decisions.---yep on the email and i will show you my work inbox if there is any doubt!

-Email is a tool of “glocalization.” It connects distant friends and relatives, yet it also connects those who live nearby. - "GLOCALIZATION" like it- i also just read an article in Business Week about the changes in the Publishing Media- one of the predicted changes is that newspapers will offer more and more local coverage, because the larger media players (major press/online/tv)will dominate global and business news. Local media is always important to some of my clients - local coverage at times can provide huge insight- the daily rag sometimes rules

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