Saturday, June 11, 2005

Finally! Some Pictures

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Folks sorry for the delay...we have been having too much fun playing as you will see from these photo albums!
Hopefully these will fullfill your expectations :-)

If you have never viewed photos in a MSN MySPACE album here are some tips:

-Click on the > under the picture to have the Slide show move on its own
-The images get automatically compressed, so they might seem a bit blurry but all is clear our here ;-)

Album 1: June 10th Boogie Boarding in Linda Mar Pacifica Beach

Yes that's me ;-))). What a blast i am going back for more and more!

Album 2:
Montara Ridge June

We all went on a 8mile hike on Montara Ridge which is between Pacifica and Half Moon Bay so about a 10 minute ride in the car. I love the fact that in 10 minutes i can get to trail heads with nice long with steep inclines(there are quite a few around)

Album 3: Wine Tasting in Napa
We had a friend come visit and we took a lazy afternoon and drove up to Napa for some wine tasting and picnic. What a great day...but after a couple of drinks i forgot about the camera so i will leave it to your imagination

Album 4: Fort Funston

This might be on of our favorite places in the area. It is a no-leash beach and trail area and Townes just loves to roam around and play with all the other pups. I don't have picures of him with other dogs but he loves to play with the little ones. I will work on getting some pictures because it can be kinda cute;-)

Album 5: Pro shots of Townes

Emily's friend Pat came over and he took some great shots of Townes with his pro digital camera. This photo album compresses the images so they don't look that great. If you want to see the orginals let me know.

Album 6: Paloma

This is our home and views. The album starts with views from Milgra Ridge which is basically our back yard where we take Townes and Ophelia for their daily walks. The Ridge goes around the neighborhood and is about a 1.5mile hike with gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean and Moiri point (see Moiri album). The first pitcure is the high school's baseball field down the street that starts Paloma Ave.
Do you know the name of the gorgeous purple 'dildo' plants? if you do please tell me they are all over and are awesome to look at!
I also inlcuded some shots of the house since we have it setup now.

Album 7: Moiri Point

This is the beach we walk to from the house. These pictures are from April 11th when the California ice plants were in bloom. As you can imagine the wild folowers are abundent here. You can walk along Moiri Point all the way to Rockaway Beach along the cliffs. It is a great walk and the best part is that at the end the prize is a nice cold beer at Nicks!

Album 8: Sunset from the deck
I think you all have seen it. Make sure you see this one as a slide show! It is my favorite and i feel like i am on vacation every single day when i look off the deck! With the sun moving northwest for the summer we need to go out in the back ridge to see the sun set but come Decemember it should be back.

Album 9: Welcome to Pacifica

This was day one of the vacation ;-). This is what is looks like when you come from RT 280 (airport) and hit RT 1. Yep we are moving on up!

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