Wednesday, February 23, 2005

arkansas clinton territory 9:55am CMT

Yes we miss him to..just saw a bumper sticker that read “God I miss Bill Clinton” after cars and cars of W stickers, it had to put a smile on our faces :-)

So many red states to get to that big blue one.


Emily said...

God, I miss Bill Clinton too. No pics?! I know you are snap happy kinda people. Can't say the weather here has been stellar either, but yesterday it cleared up to be beautiful and sunny 65 degrees. California isn't too far away!!

Anonymous said...

but i am not masked. i wish you a safe trip, you're what halfway there almost? i will check back to see what you have to say about your life and times and trip. my trip west with my bro in law is in april. we'll be in your new neck of the woods +/- april 18. hope all of us can hook up for a drink or dinner. be safe.
jim h

Anonymous said...

this might be helpful
and yes, you are correct the weather looks a bit spotty thru the southwest..its a shame 'cause we have another beautiful spring-like day here in nuevo jersey

Anonymous said...

Well this is almost like travelling with you, without the car sickness:-)

Hope you've at least found a few good cups of coffee along the way.

How's Mark, how's Townes? (Ophelia, I know, is behaving.)