Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Social Media Resume

There has been a recent meme in the blogsphere about Social Media as a new Resume/CV with a big focus on Blogs,Video and Google searches in general. I got tipped off to it via Jeremiah's blog and then found a nice roundup of posts by the blogger that originally started the meme Adam Darowski.

On both sides (employer and employee) user generated content is becoming more and more important to find good hires as well as attract good hires. A while back i even posted about some work we have done with clients to help them track and react through recruiting dashboards.

The funny thing is that right before i noticed the meme, i updated my Resume/CV to incorporate social media elements into the standard 'acceptable paper' format. Although many hiring managers and recruiters know enough to 'google' someone or find their blog, i figured it would be better to add those elements to a Resume/CV saving them a couple clicks. Taking a que from the Social Media Press Release, i added some dynamic icon links to my resume as follows:

Some may ask why- hey they are going to find it anyway- might as well show them efficiency from interaction number one! I like this format since it removes some of the static elements of the traditional resume. This PDF resume in some one's DMS system will always point to my most recent activities yet it maintains the standard Resume/CV format that is currently acceptable.

Now the big question- would a employer/recruiter know enough to click on the icons?


Anonymous said...

Chances are a recruiter will get a few of these icons. More importantly, if you're being hired because of your social media know how then this will certainly benefit you.

You're always great at practicing what we talk about!

Adam Darowski said...

I think this is really helpful in a couple respects:

1. If you have a common name, you are weeding out the would-be Google results that are NOT you.

2. You can offer enough social media sites that you wholeheartedly “approve”, maybe they’ll skip the MySpace page where you are a little more informal.

Anonymous said...

Adam- great point #2- distract them with the stuff you want them to see!

Heather Yaxley said...

Daniela, Thanks for your comment on my post on this topic. I agree with the other comments, particularly if you are promoting your knowledge of social media.

I am sure like any other area, in recruitment there are those who understand the value of online and will check out candidates further and there are the luddites who won't.

But as we have seen recruitment move more and more online, then the resume side has to keep up, if not get ahead.

There is certainly a lot more that can be done to showcase talent online - and to replace those recruitment consultants who have a bad reputation for not making good matches.

Anonymous said...

Great Idea. I just did a GoogleMe. It took a while, but finally got the results I was looking for.

Time to update the resume!

Michael Wawra said...

It's interesting to consider that when including a professional networking link (such as LinkedIn), will a potential employer rate a candidate by the size of their network and potential connections as a way of pulling in new business by selecting the most 'linked' candidate?

Is it possible that a candidate who makes use of this technology has to refrain from including a link because they have a limited set of links and associations?