Wednesday, November 28, 2007

But is the Google Intranet useful?

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Being a fan of intranets (how geeky does that sound?) i of course had to click through on on this "What the Google Intranet Looks like" article via Techmeme. A good "investigative" piece more so then an in depth look at how an intranet is used in an enterprise, but i guess it is always hard not to sensationalize the internal workings of Google.

I wonder however if 1 in 3 Google employees like the results of this study find the intranet “not useful” ?

If you want some decent case studies on Enterprise intranets provides a good resource that gives you a peak into the intranets of multinational global companies. Many intranet managers are also on the 'talk' circuit sharing their pains and successes and i use tools like SlideShare to find examples of intranet case studies so i can see what companies in different sectors are up to.

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