Sunday, April 15, 2007

Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco not here? Join Us Virtually

The Web2.0 Expo started up today in San Francisco. I did not get a full conference pass but will be taking advantage of the Expo Pass which provides access to a lot of sessions, the expo hall itself and a whole bunch of other activities going on at the conference. This morning i also participated through Jeremiah's Live Video and Chat Streaming session.

I go to a lot of conferences that are Web2.0, Social Media, technology etc. related that take place in the Bay area but this one i am extremely excited about. The main reason is that I have a whole bunch of folks from the Dow Jones corporate offices coming into town and a good amount of clients that we have been reaching out to that are coming along to take advantage of the Expo pass that we distributed the free code to with an invitation to a happy hour (free marketing for the Expo and a great way for us to engage with our customers~you can't beat it).

I usually am reporting back to these folks, but this time i get to engage with them real-time and so can you if you are going to be there (drop me a line daniela{dot}barbosa{at} or leave a comment). We have the following folks coming into town:

If you are not in town you however can still participate and learn a lot from the sessions. Blog is here, twittering here and there will be a lot of video and audio streaming as well.

This morning when i got around to logging on i found out that Jeremiah was Live Streaming Video from the Expo so i logged on to participate which was pretty cool~ what a great way to engage remote people. Services like are providing another form of engagement. Others from the Podtech crew will be live streaming Video for the next three days (check in here for updates).

At one point after the panel 'evangelist and rabble rouser' Deb Schultz asked if those of us participating in the Live Streaming Video and Chat had a life, we do ;-) while you folks were indoors at the conference center, i happened to be watching from my sunny kitchen and now i am off for a nice long walk to the beach because it is a lovely day in Pacifica. see you all tomorrow!


Unknown said...

Daniela - I hope you realized I was being completely facetious (you would think, after all these years, i would realize my NY tude does not translate so well to chat) Totally cool that there was a group online watching --kudos to Jeremiah (and web2 conference) for bringi ng you all into the room! Next time we should take questions from the back channel

daniela barbosa said...

Deb- thanks for your comment. I am a hard core East Coaster even after a few years out here so i TOTALLY get it ~ and i think anyone that has met or heard you speak does as well!

Yep- very cool but i kinda did feel like a dork watching something happening 15 miles away when i should have either been there or doing something else!

Anonymous said...

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