Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Email Subject: Thursday - the ghosts and ghouls are out

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Email Subject: Thursday - the ghosts and ghouls are out

You ladies might not know this. (J does ;-) 

But I try to fight the good battle on conventional holidays but I am quickly losing the battle.

Yes,  I am not doing a good job- for example R told me today that Santa sent her a letter I said 'really?' and she showed me-- it was the goddamn ToysRUs christmas catalog!!!! …..yikes…now halloween , really? 

Sooo…I am trying to take off most of Thursday off. Kinda sucks because it is going to be a major end of quarter celebration :-))) - but I am going to a school 'party' and then got "roped" into a 4yr old halloween party (of course a potluck that I have to make a ghoulish treat for) and then trick or treat.. My husband has delegated ALL activities to me….. He made the costume ….R is super excited, I deep down knew this would happen..we can't keep her in a bubble.

Whatever it will be fun she is 4 and cute as hell - and I get all the good candy ;–)

Thanks for understanding that my calendar is updated OOF. 

I will be online/available- unless I am hanging myself from a fake spiderweb rope..HA…… :-)


Come on, how can i refuse this???? R- we are going to have a Rowdy Round-up Day!

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